First Dive into Rebel Territory

November 29, 2006 0
The day was August 2nd in 1990 when we, 21 family members decided to venture in areas controlled by the NPFL. This included our over 60 year...

The Liberian Civil? War

November 29, 2006 0
What is today called the Liberian civil war lasted for over a decade. Although there was nothing civil about the barbarism, at least, that i...

My Two Kids

November 26, 2006 0
The lord has blessed me with two wonderful kids: Doryen and Koonwloh. Their full names are Doryen Ariel Jah and Dennis Koonwloh Jah. Doryen...

My Name

November 26, 2006 0
My middle name is Chewlae, which is interpreted as "the leopard is awake" in my native tongue. Our people do not give names just f...

My Instagram

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