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My Two Kids

The lord has blessed me with two wonderful kids: Doryen and Koonwloh. Their full names are Doryen Ariel Jah and Dennis Koonwloh Jah. Doryen literally means "ivory". This is the equivalence of names like "Precious" or "Diamond." Doryen is named after my late aunt Betty Doryen Carter who died in the hands of rebels fighting in Sinoe County, Southeastern Liberia. Koonwloh was the name of my cousin Bruce Koonwloh Jah who too died as a result of the senseless Liberian civil war. Koonwloh means brave hearted. Koonwloh is the number one trait expected of a man. In my culture, a man is spoken of as a woman if he is not a "koonwloh."

Doryen is three years older than her brother Koonwloh. In 8 years, the sum of their ages will be 21. How old is each now?

Let Koonwloh's age = x
Let doryen's age = x + 3
In 8 years, Koonwloh will be (x + 8) years old and Doryen will be (x + 3) + 8 years old.
(x + 8)+ (x + 3) + 8 = 21
2x + 19 = 21
2x = 2
x = 1 >>> Koonwloh's age
x + 3 is 4 >>> Doryen's age
In 8 years, Koonwloh will be 9 years old and Doryen will be 12 years old.

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