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The Liberian Civil? War

What is today called the Liberian civil war lasted for over a decade. Although there was nothing civil about the barbarism, at least, that is how it is called. One writer called it the "Liberian uncivil war." Maybe that description puts it closer to something that destroyed lives and shattered others. I witnessed it and felt it to the bone. I have therefore decided to commit some time narrating my experience in and with the civil war. The narration is brief and not in any specific order; I'll write as I remember those terrible moments both in and outside the country during the blood bath that swept our country-the one and only country we knew as the Sweet Land of Liberty. It was pure madness: tribe against tribe, neighbor against neighbor, schoolmate against school mate... It was all hell broke loose. The acrid stench of human flesh which some of the fighters call "Nimba perfume" did not go away easily even as rain waters washed bodies away. At some point, I still hear the growl of a rebel shouting "single file" and directing us with the nozzle of his AK-47 rifle where to go. Images of those tied at check points awaiting execution refused to go away even with the passage of time. What in this World caused such carnage? I don't know precisely. Perhaps my brief narration of what I saw and felt will help readers to piece together reasons why Africa's first republic became a battlefield for human beings behaving so insane.

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