Reconciliation or Escape from Justice

December 16, 2006 0
Let bygone be bygones. Let us reconcile, forget the past and move forward. Avoid witch hunting for peace sake. We should all be united, we a...


December 14, 2006 0
Corruption has been one of the "cancerous" issues of Africa. In Liberia for example, corruption has become the way of life of gove...

Short Story Written by My Brother and Me

December 02, 2006 0
Kiyee is Deceived By Dave and Dennis Jah Published in the November 2006 Issue of Seabreeze Journal Kiyee was forty years old and the father ...

President Ellen Kicks and Scores: The Making of Another Demi-god

December 02, 2006 0
I read on Frontpage Africa online news magazine that our aging president scored twice in a soccer game. I thought that was another way we Li...

The Things We Knew We Should Be Doing All Along

December 02, 2006 0
I first listened to this commentary over NPR (WHYY 90.9 FM.)I also visited their website because I really liked it. I therefore sought and w...

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