Corruption has been one of the "cancerous" issues of Africa. In Liberia for example, corruption has become the way of life of government officials to the point that former government officials who are broke and living ordinary lives are spoken about as being stupid. The logic? They could have known better to steal enough to last for a lifetime. In addition to malaria and other diseases that kill Africans in huge numbers, corruption has caused deaths, wars, starvation, ignorance, backwardness, and other unfortunate conditions. Quite recently, news coming from Liberia speaks of the arrests of former (interim)government officials by the present Sirleaf led government on corruption charges. This is a welcome move but it is the end that matters most. This is not the first time that present or former government officials have been arrested for corruption. Over a decade ago under the late president Samuel Doe, government officials accused of mis-appropriating public funds were flogged publicly. Others were sentenced to or threatened with long years of imprisonment at the notorious Belle Yalla maximum security prison. In fact, the Doe's PRC led government came to power in a bloody coup because the Tolbert government it overthrew practiced "rampant corruption." As the years went by, even a child could tell that the Doe led government dined with corruption at its best.
As Mrs. Sirleaf tries to keep her campaign promise to combat corruption, only time will tell where this new drive will lead. Is it going to be another "robbing Peter to pay Paul" or a genuine attempt to end or minimize this heinous crime? We are watching closely.
The president must remember that it is much easier to fight a foe than a friend. Consequently, to successfully win the fight against corruption, corruption should cease to be government's best friend and good neighbor.

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