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President Ellen Kicks and Scores: The Making of Another Demi-god

I read on Frontpage Africa online news magazine that our aging president scored twice in a soccer game. I thought that was another way we Liberians pump up our leaders to the point that they feel so almighty. We saw that during the reign of the late president Samuel Doe during his matches as a member of the Executive Lions.
From where do we get this idea that the president of the country should be the best in and top of every little activity that goes on in the country? Previous presidents have gone similar routes in being set up as the one with the highest educational achievement, the one with the highest grade point average, the highest title in the traditional society, the highest number of goals in every soccer game, etc.
Like her predecessors, Mrs. Sirleaf has taken on an honorary doctorate degree and now has become our newest soccer MVP. If the trend is not reversed, the "Old Ma" is well on her way to becoming another demi-god not because she necessarily wants to but that is how we the citizens are grooming her.

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