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Reconciliation or Escape from Justice

Let bygone be bygones. Let us reconcile, forget the past and move forward. Avoid witch hunting for peace sake. We should all be united, we are one people so forget the past.

These are all nice talks. But what's about jsutice? What's about the rule of law? Shouldn't Liberia persecute war crimes and other henious acts carried out during the country's civil war? Shouldn't those who monopolize state resources causing economic and social disparities resulting into civil conflicts be brought to book? I think if justice is served and evil doers are punished for their crimes, then we can all move forward not fearing that the strong and the heartless will prey on the weak and peace loving people among us. Besides, I am afraid of the bad precedence glossing over these crimes "for peace sake" will cause. Few years down the road, another group of mad people will pick up arms, jump into the bush and begin to pillage our land, maim, rape, and hack heads off in the name of freedom. At the end such gruesome exercise, we will be singing the same reconciliation song, "letting bygones to be bygones."

No to reconciliation as a form of escaping from justice. I am for a war crimes tribunal not a reconciliation committee that will pacify injustices, crimes, and ruthlessness.

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