Journey Through Samaria

April 28, 2007 0
By Dennis Jah 11/06/2005 Two days to Run-off Elections Years ago at some point in our history, we Liberians found ourselves at a point where...

Confronting the Congo-Country Rift

April 28, 2007 0
By Dennis Jah 4/12/2005 Published by Liberian Observer The issue that is dividing us greatly is the Americo Liberian-Indigenous or Congo- C...

Liberia Has Just Two Seasons?

April 22, 2007 0
There are a number of issues, mostly historical that many Liberians question or just don’t agree with. These include mimicking our national ...

Book Preview

April 21, 2007 0
ISBN : 9781418439941 (c)2005 by Dave & Dennis Jah ( Twin Authors ) Great men do not die in strange lands where no one knows them; this...

It's Only a Dream

April 19, 2007 0
It was like a dream, but I was not sleeping. I was wide awake munching a piece of chocolate chip cookie that I had between my thumb and inde...

Liberia’s Democracy is not Young

April 14, 2007 0
I hear a lot of people, Liberians included, refer to Liberia’s system of government as “Liberia’s young democracy,” "new democracy,&quo...

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