Liberia Has Just Two Seasons?

There are a number of issues, mostly historical that many Liberians question or just don’t agree with. These include mimicking our national flag, seal, and pledge allegiance after those of the United States. Some say the national emblem excludes indigenous Liberians. Others question other documented events like the shooting of the canon by one Matilda Newport as something that actually never took place. These debates sometimes come as rising tides and soon subside. Sometimes, those raising those issues are often told to be quiet and focus on more pressing issues like peace, reconciliation, economy, or how to unravel the mess we find ourselves in as a result of the 14 year war. But I disagree because who we are as a people is so expedient that if that part of history is wrong, everything else will go wrong.

One issue that I have not heard about or that has not received much prominence is the climate of the country as having only two seasons: rainy and dry. I am not an authority in the areas of climatology, Meteorology, or any of the atmospheric sciences but living in Liberia for over twenty years any one can tell that the country has more than just two weather conditions. Living now in the United States and observing the various seasons in the Pennsylvania region, there are similarities that can be fleshed out. Anytime the spring and fall seasons, come around, I always wonder why those two are not included in the Liberian weather conditions. Don’t we have time in the year for instance, when trees shed their leaves known in the USA as the fall (season)?

Quite often, those who write about us are outsiders who sometimes never or rarely visited our country or took any serious interest in knowing about the details of our people and culture. Ongoing debates about the demography and geography of ethnic groups in Liberia, the birth of the country called Liberia... are often the result of strangers or visitors telling our stories. Some of these visitors may only be meeting degree and other requirements or just satisfying their own self-fulfilling prophecies. I was just wondering if “Liberia has only two season: rainy and dry” was this another mis-representation resulting from the same reasons aforementioned.

Our researchers and other experts can take off from here.

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