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Presidential Attack Dogs Unleashed

- A Tribute to Praise Singers Everywhere

They are everywhere, anytime
Running, roaming, barking and biting
Some don't carry the presidential insignia
Be not fooled by their plain clothes
They are trying out, lurking for a slot
Feel their pains, empathize with their delirium
Unless they bark and bite indiscriminately
They may never get there in time
In the company of the new Wild Geese

The others, fully armored and fed for the purpose
Roar with one prime mission - defend, defend, defend
Seek not logic or commonsense in their onslaught
Black they may call white, white black and night day
It only makes business sense, at least for now
To keep the pot boiling that way
And that's the way they know how; so beware
Presidential attack dogs are on the rampage

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