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Humans Fighting, not Dogs Fighting the Real Crime

It is interesting how Professional footballer and Atlanta Falcons quarter back Michael Vick is in serous trouble due to his alleged involvement with dog fighting.! What, dog fight? You mean “D-O-G?” That is what I get anytime I tried to tell others mainly Liberians about Vick’s dog fighting allegations. For me, it took some serious listening and Internet surfing to understand the allegation – a dog fight. Michael Vick, as I came to find out, had allegedly pitted his dogs against other dogs in fights. I have watched some dog shows; I have seen chickens/cocks fights on TV; I have seen human beings wrestle bulls and crocodiles in the name of sport and entertainment. Several times, I had watched the celebrated crocodile hunter do some amazing things with wild animals that at times viewers could not help but shout “what the heck!” So for a dog fight, I thought that as another “sport” evidently, I could not understand why my favorite quarterback was in hot water.
I have watched a lot of boxing matches on TV. Of late, I have been watching ultimate fight championship, WEC wreckage, World Combat, kick boxing and other “sports” where human beings engage in brutal fights. I am strongly convinced that some one or something is making them so hard-hearted to exchange punches and kicks even when blood was oozing out of their faces or when one opponent appeared immobilized.
What is so astonishing to me is not the allegation against the quarterback or the brutality of ultimate fight or kick boxing. If Vick is seen as a monster for making dogs to fight, what’s about those who make other human beings to fight with AK-47 rifles, RPG’s and other assault rifles in the name of freedom or revolution? As a result of such fights, villages and towns are decimated; human lives are brushed down like wild bushes, and the ones lucky to stay alive are left to face the harsh consequences sometimes forever. The people who make other human beings to fight, as I learned are given diamond and other precious minerals in exchange as trophies just like Vick would allegedly award his dogs that came on top in dog fights.
In Liberia for instance, the man who started the war (we called the Liberian civil war) got training from some where else to go and wage war on us while we were asleep on the night of December 24, 1989. The guns he used were given to him by the person(s) who made Liberians to fight. The trucks and other logistics used to wage his war were all given to him. Someone gave him the passage to unleash the terror. Even before that time, some one pitted President Samuel Doe against his buddy Strong man Thomas Quiwonkpa. That fight later extended to their respective families, their tribes, their groups, and then all of us were wielding weapons at one another. There and then we had Nimba raid, 1985 invasion, and the ones dubbed as World war 1, 2, & 3. There were groups formed to promote the cause of those who wanted to see us at each other’s throat: NPFL, ULIMO A-Z, all the peace councils (LPC) and the models (MODEL), etc. Some person(s) did it to us; somebody made us to behave so insane; someone pitted Liberians against Liberians and got rewarded either with power, wealth, or the fulfillment of his/her fantasy and ambition.

It is a sad reality that Liberians are all victims. Are we worth less than dogs that the perpetrators of the crimes against us are not just let off the hook but also rewarded? A good argument can be advanced that dogs have no power to resist, but what's about some of us in the face of the all powerful? Like the helpless dogs, I just think that some one will come to our aid and not allow our inability to resist be a reason to let us be at the mercy of the powerful and wicked.

If dogs fight is a crime, those who make humans to fight and kill each other should not be left alone. They should not be compensated for the evil they have done. But again, that depends on whose dog it is and on whose soil such fighting takes place.

How long can we wait to get the same justice given to dogs? Hopefully not for ever.

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