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I don’t Care About these Elections

I am not moved by the many emails concerning the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota (OLM) elections, the same way I never cared about the elections of Liberians in Pennsylvania a month or two ago. We all know what happened since those elections took place. Quite often the noise is only in the air when election comes around. I have not been opening or reading emails regarding the OLM elections. One reason may be that I have been a lazy reader lately. But I have not been beating myself or feeling guilty for such behavior. My “other heart” has been telling me not to bother because as soon as elections are over, the place will be as quite as a cemetery. Cemetery in this sense does not include those in Monrovia. Since the new government came to power, this saying does not hold true for graveyards in Monrovia. People live in cemeteries and carry on other businesses there. The $300 government purportedly gave to each homeless person to help with relocation did not do it, not even the police succeeded. Monrovia’s cemeteries are therefore not quiet.

I don’t really care who wins or loses in these elections. Sinoe, Nimba or whoever … will not change anything. Not that it is a curse or that we are doomed but the historical pattern of these state organizations leave me with no doubt that not much or nothing should be expected. What has any of these organizations done anyway to warrant all the swellings that our email boxes are suffering or the pains of carpal tunnel from typing and clicking to open, scroll, respond or comment?

I am not unaware of the fun that people have and the excitement in the air when these events come around. Some take days off work; others are called in or fly to where the action is. Others who are skilled at multitasking joggle their many activities to be at center stage in these activities. I am also not unaware that these organizations have provided training grounds and their activities have become excellent crash courses for those seeking offices in Liberia. Or put another way, they have become nice platforms for gravy-seeking adventurers and avenues for the formation of praise and worship teams for the government in power. Time seems to run out for most of us so the question “if others benefited, why can’t I” has become so compelling and genuinely hard to ignore. The Government of Liberia is ever expanding and so there is no limit to the number of US based Liberians it can absorb. Consequently, the popularity of these training programs continues wax.

I really don’t mind who wins, loses or who is thrown out of the race. In my mind, it is all elections noise and that all it is. After that, what happens? NOTHING! So why should I invest all the time and effort especially so when I am not interested in the haphazard crash program that turns newly recruited praise singers into government officials?

I have a lot of respect for the many fine Liberians in these races but until these state organizations can be re-directed, refocused, and rewired, I don’t care about their elections. I am sorry.

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