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Tubman's Birthday and Holiday Mania

Today November 29 is another holiday in Liberia – one of those days when Liberians stay out of work, school, and other functions vital to the resurrection of the country. It is President Tubman’s birthday. William V. S. Tubman! Are you kidding me? Can’t we just have one day for all the presidents if we so desire to honor all our presidents including the slain and the disposed? The last time I spoke with my 9 year old nephew, he told me they had a week off from school because 6th graders were using their school building to take national exam. Just what is the meaning of a sixth grade national exam? Well that is another story all together.

For now, I am troubled with the number of stay-home days and how hours that are supposed to be spent producing are wasted and flushed down the toilet. Just take a count of all the holidays when doors of schools and offices are closed and people, some with stolen money throw big parties and gobble club beer and goat meat soup down their throats. As if the 10 years we spent not producing are not enough, the holidays have come again to stall productivity and justify miscellaneous, holiday expense and other crooked budget items. It is time we did something about these holidays, some of which were declared or orchestrated by past corrupt presidents for selfish reasons. We need to put an end to a vicious cycle of past mistakes and fool-hardy decisions going down from generation to generation. Who can deliver us from this “holiday mania”? Certainly not a lame dog Senate or a yo-yo House of Representatives!

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