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Barack In A Box

Our man Barack Obama delivered a powerful speech today on race and Unity and religion in Philadelphia. As you may have noticed already, Barrack has been squeezed to take another look at the American presidency as a White man’s job and a no go area for African Americans. Continually, his legs have been chopped off one by one. He has been pressured repeatedly to denounce and reject people he has been closed to before including his spiritual father in order to have a shot at the oval office. I even feared that he was going to be forced to denounce and reject his wife for comments she made on a campaign trail. Unlike any other presidential aspirant in the primaries, he has been hammered constantly to prove his nationality, his patriotism and love for America and his faith in Jesus Christ. At one point he was asked by a reporter to sing “God Bless America.” If he is been boxed in this tight during the primary, I am of the opinion that before he could get to the national elections, he may be stripped of everything he ever believed and stood for. With the way things are going, he is likely to win the presidency. But first he may need to denounce and reject it all to look like one of those whom we are accustomed seeing in the White House. I am not sure how that can happen. But when all is said and done, we may have a “political Michael Jackson” in the White House which for centuries has been a Never Land for Black people and other Minorities.

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