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Let My People Go

Liberian refugees in Buduburam, Ghana had been sitting and sleeping on an open football field in protest.
That was peaceful. They did not vandalize anything or hurt anyone.
They wanted something. They were crying for relief. They needed help.
That turned sour. They got a stone instead of bread; scorpion, instead of a fish.
Police whom for so many times have raided the camp, took them away in droves.
Spraying them with hot water, they drove them to a place unfit for farm animals.
Others hurled insults at them calling them ingrates and other names.
United Nations workers now save face by taking water to them to cool their thirsts
Drinking water, one thing that was held away from the campers for over ten years now.
In the middle of the Ghanaian 220 heat, the water is never cold enough.
For 600 women separated from their infants and crammed at a training center.

Now another deportation of Liberians from Ghana is in the making.
The latest was in 1987 when Liberians, after plenty years in Ghana were driven.
This time, the group is made of mainly women and children.
The ones, by our African customs deserve so much honor and protection.
Human rights or God giving rights, freedom of speech or freedom of association-
All thrown through the window and banished from town in this 21st century
Our mothers, wives, sisters, Aunties, fianc├ęs, mothers-in-law… sit in bondage
Before it gets real, real ugly; I mean worse than messy.

Please let my people go.

Please go here and petition the Ghanaian government to let my people go.

I lived on Buduburam Camp from 1996 - 2000

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