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Of course people are bitter; why shouldn’t they?

Were they not violated, abused or their parents killed?
They were driven out of their homes, out of their farms, out of their country
To sit in misery and long for death rather than empty life
Those who caused the hurt, the sufferings, and the pain show no repentance
But got paid big time and continue to tease, glut and gobble, gobble
What has ever been done to heal their wounds?
Who has ever given them back what was stolen from them-
Their youth, their virginity, their lives, their possessions, their loved ones?
Why shouldn’t they be angry and feel terrible?

For me I have forgiven those who killed my dad and his sister and set my town on fire
I no longer feel bitter towards George Boley and his LPC for making me fatherless
I no longer hold in contempt those who killed six of my cousins in Twe farm
I no longer fell angry at those who shot Prince from the line near Cocoa Cola Factory
Even if every one else was like me, bitterness against evildoers is still a justifiable way of venting out one’s feelings.

Why shouldn’t anyone who lost a limb or family member when rebels responded to Mrs. Sirleaf’s order to level Monrovia or the Mansion be bitter?
Why will any one who watched Prince Johnson amuse himself with the killing of their sibling, spouse, classmate or co-worker be bitter?
Why shouldn’t anyone handicapped by a bomb fired by any of the fighting groups be bitter?

Of course they are bitter; why shouldn’t they?
They are human beings who feel pains like any other person.
Why can’t they cry? Why can’t they mourn their dead?
Is it a laughing matter and an event to celebrate when you are so hungry?
What is “unbitter” about being deported with only your ten fingers after 18 years in Buduburam?
Wouldn’t you be bitter if your only place to sleep which is a graveyard is taken away?
Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you? Why wouldn’t anyone be bitter?
People have the right to vent out their frustration so don’t stifle their only option,
They have all the reasons in the World to be bitter, angry and uncomfortable.

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