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Developing personal hatred against abuse, corruption, tyranny …

Whether or not the laws to repudiate certain cruel behaviors are on the books, it is about time we developed personal hatred for vices like tyranny which reached a great height during the Taylor years, corruption as peaked during the Gyude Bryant interim period or the abuse of public facilities and vulnerable people as it has become a way of life through out the years. We Liberians need to develop a tendency to hate behaviors that are a little bit of these high level criminality. Unless we as a people hate these things from our guts, people who continue to treat us so wrongfully will continue to go free. Of late we have applauded ruthlessness either by personally being a cohort of heartless people like Charles Taylor, Prince Johnson, Alhaji Kroma, George Boley, etc calling them strong people. We hailed subversive activities as long as they were carried out against the government of our dislike. By calling the late Quiwonkpa “Strong man” and Mrs. Sirleaf who later hired Quiwonkpa’s services as “Iron Lady” we stamp our approvals to coup plotting and the killing of other Liberians by those who think they can usher better governance. Corruption which has plagued our country is not really treated with disdain as it deserves. Instead we promote corrupt officials with our praises of their smartness to enrich themselves. Charles Taylor who killed or people, destroyed our country and looted everything we’d worked including the ones God gave us freely continues to enjoy enormous support across the country. They hailed him as “the man” because of his dead conscience. When an older man exploit a young girl’s vulnerability, and sexually abuses her, we sometimes joke about the act and some how envy such sick man as liking teen age girl or “freshies.”

The fight against those things that plunged our country in anarchy, poverty and backwardness must not be left with the government alone. We as a people have a part to play and that is to hate these criminal activities from inside and speak out openly against them no matter what little benefit we may tend to get from their perpetrators. This is one way we can promote our own intrinsic values as Africans and Liberians. This is how we shape or re-shape our society’s value judgment.

I appreciate the time and effort that everyone from the head of state to the ordinary person is putting in to resurrect our nation as long as such is a working progress to where we want to take our country. I am only opposed to any symptom of complacency or the foolish nagging that no one should raise a voice against the socio, economic and political being of our country simply because the government is “doing well” and is soon to fire the magic bullet. As we work on this together, let us be as the bible instructs “shun evil and love that which is good.”

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