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Customizing Our Democracy

To all my friends,

I am thinking about democracy and I am wondering if anyone can help me out here. Is there any universal standard of measuring democracy or is it relative to the locality, culture and history of a given group of people? I am told that certain countries or societies are models of democracy and so to be considered democratic, we must craft our way of life after those cultures. Is that really possible? I don’t think so. That being the case, are we (meaning Liberia) ever going to attain democracy? For me if there is any universal criterion or standard for measuring democracy and western societies like those of the United States and Great Britain have reached that mark, we are never going to be like them because we are DIFFERENT. As someone once said, “being different does not mean deficient.” Instead of entirely putting off our real self because it is different, let us use at our advantage the understanding that “difference makes a difference” and that we can perfect our own by borrowing here and there.

One thing I have learned from working on software programs and systems is customization or tweaking, rebuilding, modifying or remaking something to fit one’s unique purpose and needs. Unless democracy is a one size fit all solution, it must be customized to fit our unique way of life. I don’t really know what those tweaks should be but if customizing our democracy makes sense, it can be done. I just want to stimulate a discussion so that some of our brightest minds can get to work and possibly craft something that we can be proud to call our own. We may try our hardest to be like any group of people but that is not just possible. For no matter how long a stump stays in the water, it will never turn into a fish.

Besides the system of government, there are other things that we need to start improving on. I have always maintained that all that we have now was not polished or fine tuned to the point we now enjoy them. Serious minded people, while everyone else was busy with the daily ups and downs sat and thought things through to improve on existing things or ideas or just build new ones from scratch. The more we sit down and wait for those who handed stuffs down to us to make modifications or declare them obsolete, the more we will continue to look up to them as masters and gods.

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