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Let the Names Calling Go Around

The story from the FrontPageAfrica (8/15/2008)with caption “Rebel-Turned Senator Takes Principle Stand over Budgetary Allotments” makes to me wonder as to how many officials of our government are often described by the roles they played in the Liberian civil war or any armed hostility. With all our antipathy against former rebel commanders, I think it is unfair to bring Senator Dolo’s role in the Liberian civil war as part of his name, title or label by which to report on his activities in the House. As we have just heard from the mouth of Dr. Fahnbulleh, he had been a rebel leader but yet he has not being described in all FPA reports as a rebel leader turned security adviser. Mrs. Sirleaf who heads our country had admitted implicitly or otherwise of being part of the notorious NPFL yet we don’t describe her as rebel organizer turned president. We all heard Mrs. Sirleaf over the BBC giving orders to level Monrovia yet FrontPage Africa journalists don’t refer to her as the commander who once ordered atrocities turned president. NIC (National Investment Commission) director Richard Tolbert’s father was named at one point (if my memory serves me right) as one of the most corrupt presidents some of the money which may have benefitted Dr. Tolbert yet we don’t call him corruption benefactor turned NIC boss. A lot of “turning” has taken place. People turned from being killers to ministers, directors and protégées of the power that be. We heard the names of those who were mobilizing the killers, buying the guns, making the contacts, freeing the thieves, transporting the robbers etc. A lot of people have their hands and feet soak with the blood, sweat and tears of our people but we continue to adore them and use some of the finest words and phrases to describe them. How come when it comes to those who themselves were abused, used, or violated we treat them with such disdain and call them all kinds of names? I am not giving excuses for Mr. Dolo, Dirty Jacket, Civilian Killer, Mano Tiger and other active participants in the bloodletting that plagued our country but if we must call names and describe people according to their roles in the destruction of our land and people, let it go around.

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