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The Sycophant's Prayer

For those who think that anytime there is corruption, the president is innocent, this is your confession:

Our Father/Mother in power
Hallowed be thy name and your intentions
Although corruption is all around you, you are not part of it
Everyone around you is corrupt except you
Weed them out; purge the country of all evil
Wash the government as white as snow
Punish the corrupt guys by dismissals and reshuffles
Although you are above being corrupted, people may not realize
And think all governments are no good

Our faith is in you alone; you’re our hope and stay
All others including your inner circles are crooks and rogues
Only you are holy, only you are good!
The courts are for nothing, law makers and enforcers… zilch!
Pressure groups are dead and self-efficacy paralyzed
All power belongs to you; only you are god!

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