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What if Obama Loses

I can’t still imagine what my reaction will be when comes November 4, the votes are counted, results announced and my worst nightmare of an Obama loss happens. I don’t know what to think. It happened to me once when Charles Taylor won as president of Liberia and I don’t hope this should happen to me again. For Taylor, it was less painful because I expected it owing to how the war lord had the entire country at gun point. Here in the USA, every thing points to an inevitable Obama-Biden victory. But what if that does not happen? I can’t think of any consolation except that I have to deal with such painful shock, maybe forever.

I can’t believe how much the future, even as short as five days is kept locked away from us. These five days, make them six if you want are by far the longest wait time I have to suffer through. Is it possible that I go to bed and wake up on Wednesday morning to a new president of the United States of America? Not by sight! I cannot sleep through my problems and expect them to go away. Too bad, I don’t know the future neither can I state with certainty what it holds for me, my family or anyone. But what I know is that these five days will pass. What I have to do now is to be steady and reluctantly allow time to tickle my anxiety as it continues to control how much we can see and experience moment after moment. If it all works out the way I want, this excruciating wait time will be nothing compared to the joy of an Obama victory.

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