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A Salute to Black America

On this historic inauguration day, I will like to salute Black America for standing up to injustice from their days at the Elmina Castle and other places where they were shipped, throughout their days at the cotton fields to the days when the White House was a no go area for Blacks. They have led the struggle against injustice, tyranny, ignorance and the abuse of state power which caught on in other parts of the World. From the classrooms to the streets, from the church to Hip Hop…, these brothers and sisters have never backed down from resisting oppression, racism, and other forms of legalized misrule. They have never been, as Dr. King warned, satisfied with the “chicken change and peanuts” dished out to them but instead persistently and consistently demanded equal rights and protection before the law. They never accepted the status quo as the will and way of God. They refused to accept flimsy sermons and tweaked verses that legitimized abuse and entrenched evil because they too have read the Bible for themselves. They would not accept any lie from the devil incarnate as preachers, psychologists, educators, and other false thinkers that their race was inferior or that they were only good for entertainment or that their best could only make them second banana.

Thank you Black America. Thank you for the blood and tears you shed for freedom and justice. Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for setting the stage for the rest of the World to see, feel and touch the assurance of the Angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary “with God all things are possible.” Thank you plenty to all Black Americans where ever they may be who fought in whatever way to make this day possible. Whether in the Classroom, living room or in prison, I say thanks. Whether in the church, mosque or standing in the street corners, I say thanks. Whether you wear a suit or your pants drag and sweep the streets, I say thank you. To even those who lost their minds in the struggle for equal rights and justice and went astray, I say thank you plenty and wish you a speedy recovery. You have made blacks all over the World to be proud. Thank you for expatiating and teaching the American creed even at a time when the crafters neither believe nor practice it. Together we can do more to change the World. Yes we can!

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