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Names Do Matter - Decoration Day

If Decoration Day is set aside to decorate the graves of our loved ones... who passed on, what's about those without graves? And don't tell me that names don't matter. It's just a name. The Angel Gabriel said to Mary "and his name shall be called Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins," just a name?
The Obama administration stopped calling Guantanamo inmates "enemy combatants" on Friday and incorporated international law as its basis for holding the prisoners while it works to close the facility (Reuters). That's a name change because name matters.

A human being, also human or man, is a member of a species of bipedal primates in the family Hominidae (taxonomically Homo sapiens — Latin: "wise human" or "knowing human") [Wikipedia]. Homo Sapien was a name given to humans because names do matter - they tell something about the one who bears the name.

The other day I heard that some times ago one of my fiercest critics on Liberian affairs Mr. William Landford wanted the name of Maryland County be changed to Grebo Land. Although I don't support a county be named after an ethnic group but that is a good starting point for a name change because names matter. Yes Lynch Street, Randall Street. Mechlin Street, Carey Street, Mcdonald Street... do matter big time.

I would prefer Women conference to Women Colloquium because we don't speak colloquium in Liberia, we talk conference. Names are a big deal.

Upper House and Lower House - they matter to me too. Rural women, urban women, country men do matter as well because if we begin to classify people based on their geography or social status and put them in a unique category, we are widening the gap between the so-called civilized and so-called uncivilized.

Liberia, Monrovia, Decoration Day, Capitol Hill, Executive Mansion (former name of the White House), “I am reading Sociology," borrowed from Nigeria instead of "I am studying or majoring Sociology", Veterans Affairs... Don't tell me it's just a name. It's time to take a second look at our names because names matter.

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