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Helping Liberia or Bursting Each Other Doo?

What is it that we want? Is it an overarching good for Liberia or the failure of those we don’t agree with? I have watched with sadness in my heart how “rival” Liberian organizations wish the worst for their “rivals” just to score political points. Recently, two events occurred over the weekend of September 26 and those at opposite ends of those events wished for failure if not the worst for the program of their dislike. Gad be dam! The two events I am talking about are the pro TRC demonstration in DC and the (other) ULAA General Assembly conference in Atlanta Georgia. Similar bad wishes were expressed for another ULAA inauguration held in Philadelphia some months ago. It was revealed that members of the “rival” ULAA faction went to the extent of planting their surrogates at the program to report on all the bad things they wished would occur at that (other) ULAA inaugural ball and if possible cause some “trouble” so as to derail the program. I am talking about Liberians versus Liberians in a foreign land!

This weekend, as the ULAA conference went on in Atlanta, surrogates from the other ULAA had all the worst things to say some to the point of wishing that the flood that took place in Georgia would swallow up the hall in which the program was being held or at least disrupt those planned activities. Ever since the program took place and the delegates returned to their respective states, those and others who don’t like that ULAA faction have been spreading all kinds of information about the program and calling all they can to give them the picture they hope for. With impatience and unease they anticipate pictures from the Atlanta Assembly to be circulated so as to confirm their beliefs or make-beliefs. At times, we believe whatever we want no matter what the story is and it is possible that those who wished for the failure of a given ULAA program will do their best to paint negative images out of actual digital images so as to confirm their bad wishes.

Around the same time, those who oppose the TRC demonstration in DC have gone amok giving their own negative impressions about the march and making mockery of the men and women who took off time and invested their precious resources to make their voices heard. Some said there were only eight persons in attendance while other dismissed them as jerks and using every other bad adjective in the books that their minds’ hands could get hold of. This is sad, to put it mildly.

If we all mean well for Liberia, I wonder how the country benefits when we wish ill for everyone who tries in the way they know how. I believe if we have even ten ULAA factions, what we should concern ourselves with is what each of these groups can do for Liberia, our poor country that has been consistently robbed and abused. If our common goal is to help our country which almost perished at the hands of criminals few years ago, it should not matter who does what or whether we agree with one another on ideological or whatever grounds. With a coast line of 350 miles, I would wish that each of such hypothetical ten factions build at least 35 miles of a four lane highway from Cape Mount to Cape Palmas. I wouldn’t wish for the failure of any one group but success so that by their success, LIBERIA will have success too and resurrect from its long sorrow state. Do we hate each other so much that one faction will not drive on the portion of the highway built by a “rival” faction? This is so ungodly that even the devil is upset by what I can only think of as simple-mindedness if not mere stupidity.

It is no secret that I too disagree with a lot a people. As a matter of fact, I disagree with the paths both ULAAs have taken but I don’t seek their downfall or failures so that by their misfortune or demise, I will thrive or be seen as the rock. If by the success of even my enemies, one life can be changed or one brick laid in Liberia, I will smile from one “jawbone teeth” to the other. After all it is Liberia that we all attempt to help (unless otherwise). Why don't these group compete to see who outdoes the other in changing Liberia instead competing on petty issues like attendance or destroying one another?

I wished 10,000 persons had attended the Mariah Seton’s ULAA inauguration in Philadelphia and a $10 million generated to build the first shopping mall and the only learning resource center in Liberia. I wish another 10,000 persons had attended the Anthony Kessely ULAA assembly in Atlanta and another $10 million generated to build the only modern city very much unlike the big town we know as Monrovia. I wish 10,000 persons attended the pro TRC march in DC to send a clear message to warmongers and would be warmongers that Liberians are not cool with those who murder, rape, maim and plunder for power and wealth.

I have a lot more to say on this subject but I am choked with anger, sadness, grief, disbelief and sorrow that my fingers are slipping from the keyboard and my vision blurred that I can no longer continue. Ouch, my stomach hurts and my palms sweaty. How have our focus shifted from helping our country that is currently on life support to bursting each other’s doo! Are we that aimless and confused or just think we are having fun with politics? It’s too hard to stomach….

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