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Piggy backing on Paul Jackson’s Worry

Mr. Paul Jackson (at elpaulay@yahoo.com) in a guest article on the Liberian Journal wonders if what he called President Sirleaf’s poor decision making and lack of insight are the result of dementia and other age related illnesses. In his concluding statements, he challenged the president to step aside just incase “her mental health is kind of shaky” because as he put it directly to the president, “you can’t continue to subject the Liberian people to your political miscues.”

I read Mr. Jackson’s article and saw his views in sync with skepticisms a few number of critics have stated and I could already predict what the president’s diehard fans would say in response. These are the people Mr. Jackson called the “president’s apologists” and “hangers-on” of her administration. An encounter with these so-called “hangers-on” is nothing new for me. Some of them have consistently dismissed every legitimate concern of the way Mrs. Sirleaf has handled the affairs of the state and labeled those fair minded critics as “haters” of the president. Believe it or not, some of them awkwardly believe that besides Mrs. Sirleaf there is no one else who is competent and able to be president of Liberia! So Mr. Jackson’s characterization of such people as “hangers-on” should be well thought of and precise.

“Political miscues, lack of insight, poor decision making…” I mused over Mr. Jackson’s words again and again. Backed by chronicle of events, they all seem to align perfectly with what the president has consistently demonstrated in the past three years of her presidency. I have thought about the president’s mental state a number of times. The Iron Lady, many Liberians have come to celebrate has shown no iron in the face of the insurmountable challenges that face her nation. Who else would be oblivious to the consequences of biting the finger that feeds them? Everyone, fans and foes alike, knows that the president sits on the shoulders of the “international community.” In fact, she does not have an army of her own and depends on good will gestures from the same people to run her government. They have been the energy source that keeps her presidential fire burning. With that in mind how can she sleep in their arm and at the same time slap them in the face by embracing those whom they condemned for crimes against Liberia? She keeps pressing her luck in a number of no go areas. Many hypotheses have floated concerning these changes and maneuvers of the president. Having enjoyed tremendous support from home and abroad, she may have become fluffy and feeling almighty to her own peril. Dr. Emmanuel Dolo, in a recent post on the Liberian Journal, wondered if she could be “testing our stomach for the political and social still meat” from past decadence. What ever her persuasion, she seems like a child who closes his/her eyes to creep and thinks no body is watching. Something seems out of line and I will piggy back on Mr. Jackson’s call for some form of evaluation.

Undoubtedly, “public office is public property” so they say and hence Liberians whom have already made a down payment on what they expect of their president need to speak out when such property is being abused, taken for granted or treated with careless hands and minds. Just within the span of one week, Messrs Rufus Berry, Emmanuel Dolo and Paul Jackson have energized all those individuals or groups that have consistently been at the core of holding the Sirleaf administration at a higher standard. This is good for Liberia as we muster efforts to stamp out the political sluggishness that has attended the Liberian presidency and the complacency of some Liberians groomed to swallow every pin pushed down their throats.

As Samuel Adams, a founding father of the United States once said “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.”

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