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Rev. Wesley Koon Goes Home at Age 106

One of the oldest men in the World Rev.Toe-Slohnonoh Koon aka Rev. Wesley Koon returned home to be with the Lord yesterday October 24, 2009 in Monrovia. Family sources say he was 106 years old. He died peacefully at home in the presence of some of his (biological and spiritual) children, grand and great grand children. He is survived by 8 children, 42 grand and 39 great grand children. Meanwhile, a memorial service to celebrate the home going of the fallen missionary will take place on November 14, 2009 in the beautiful city of Trenton in New Jersey at 7:59 pm precisely. The service will be held at the following address:

Freedom Christian Worship Center
202 Briton Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08618

A Life Sketch of a Griot

By Robert John Koon (Son)
November 29, 2006

As the mission resettled in Jeadepo, Sinoe County, Wesley Koon, in 1928, together with his cousins and several other women and men who traveled from Tienpo, River Gee County, were welcome by the Tribe of Jeadepo in an auspicious traditional ceremony which featured prominent Jeadeponians. Among those of prominence were Oldman Wieh Dweh, Oldman Sackor Tuh, Oldman Kai Wleh Tuh, Olman Jarbo,Oldman Swohwlee Swen, among others. He is the only surviving member of the Christians who made the missionary journey from Tienpo to Jeadepo (along with the White missionaries) and started the Jeadepo Mission in Jarpuken which up till today remains the pride of the people of Jeadepo and Sinoe County as a whole.

In 1937, Oldman Wesley T. Koon, along with four brothers, took part in one of the classic wedding ceremonies of their time when he took the beautiful hand of cute looking Queenonoh Wleh and Toe Saydeh's lovely daughters' hand named Emily T. Wleh Koon in holy matrimony as wife.

Oldman Koon and his wife suffered at Jarpuken to raise up more than four of their children who were all killed by some mad spirits until 1942. He and his wife were assigned as out-station pastor in Kulu, Sinoe County. The following year, Ma Emily Koon conceived and gave birth to her fifth child, a daughter who today became the first child to live from her conception with 7 more as their children before her death January 18, 1986. Rev. Wesley T. Koon Sr. pastored several churches and congregations in Liberia - even before his official ordination in Greenville, Sinoe County, Republic of Liberia during the Assembly of God Pentecostal General Annual Convention in December 1976. Some of the churches were located at Jeadepo Jarpuken Mission, Doodwicken Mission, Jeadea Jakaken and the UPC in Jaytoken, Tienpo.

God has blessed Oldman Koon with a host of families, relatives and great congregations in Christ. He is a father of 8 children: Doris Q. Walker, Grace Emily Hansicker, Wesley T. Koon Jr., Robert J. Koon, Frances S. Koon Johnson Vorhor, Jerome D. Wesley Koon, Florence T. Koon and Felecia Davis. Thirty-nine grand children and 25 great grand children. His life affection goes to the Non-Koffa, Tarwoodweh, Sowencheepo, Jalakon, the Bobway, Doe, Gray, Tumo, Tarpeh, Na-Kun and Worto Families.

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