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More Liberians Petition to Run ...2011 and Beyond

There is not a day or week that passes by without hearing about some one or group petitioning some one to run for a political office either as president or a do nothing legislator. Mr. So-So and So for president, dream ticket, XYZ petitioned to run … As these petitions for these self seeking or “gobbarchop” offices fly here and there, I am wondering in my little corner when will some one or group of Liberians petition some one to run for the office of Principal or vice principal of a crumbling school outside Monrovia. An Oscar Quiah-Dew Mayson dream ticket for instance, to revitalize Sinoe High school and turn into the Multilateral it was intended to be. Is it possible to see a group that would petition the eloquent and charismatic Nagbe Saylee (for example) to head the proposed Jeadepo School System and put Jeadepo district back on the map of quality education?

Lord, have mercy! These petitions and petitioners are making me sick. Why birth and groom your own leopard knowing quite well that the leopard lives on your flesh to remain almighty?

I think the ones we often call the masses are bringing these problems of abuse of power, betrayal of public trust and misappropriation of public funds upon themselves. There is too much drive to set up our own demigods and corrupt masters to bow to and possibly partner with in crimes later down the road. Instead of asking people who would serve their interests in much needed areas, the “masses” are persistently begging politicians to serve their own interests, giving them opportunities to do nothing except to steal and misuse public resources. Why will I waste my breadth and time to petition anyone to be my legislator if there is no history of a senator or representative doing anything to positively impact their constituency? Instead, we (the masses) should be asking people with hearts and souls to take over our schools, cooperatives, communal farming, farmers’ banks, water and postal services, be role models for our kids, teach us first aid and sanitation and the list goes on. These things will transform our society instead of creating our own devils and putting our trust in some self seeking demagogues.

Within the coming weeks or months, I hope to see such headlines like:

1. Young Liberian petitioned to head community health program in Kpablee, Lower Nimba
2. Liberian Clergy petitioned to initiate the Rivercess Communal Farming Program
3. Two Liberian health Professionals: dream team for Telemedicine and EMR in Liberia
4. Former COMCAST Engineer Petitioned to start cable TV services in Kakata
5. Former pro-footballer Petitioned to start health and wellness program in Kanweaken

May all the future petitioners say “amen!”

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