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My heart for Liberia

My heart for Liberia
Is for this poor country to rise
Dust off from the wreckage of ill-rule and decadence
And soar high above to be spotted afar

My heart for Liberia
Is for its poor people to rise up too
Wake up from a long, long night of bad dreams
And redouble their strides to leapfrog ahead

My heart for Liberia
Is to heal fast from abuse and battery
Move past the wounds caused by pitiless fangs
And steady itself for the torrents fast approaching

My heart for Liberia
Is to walk fast and work harder
Throw ’way that clock with the Liberian time
And catch up with the rest who worked while we slept

My heart for Liberia
Our country once caught up in self-destruction
And left unconscious right there in open fields
Is to rise up, dust off and move fast

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