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Pastors and the Red Light Districts: An Overview

Pastors and the Red Light Districts: A Handbook for Pastors and Christians. 
Rev Jeremiah Menyongai, Jr. Lowell:  Xàntō, 2012. pp 463

Pastors and the Red Light Districts: A Handbook for All Pastors and Christians  deals with the potential pitfalls  or snares that Satan places before pastors and, in fact, all God’s children to  entrap them and destroy the work God  has called them to do thereby causing the flock to scatter.  As per his mission, Satan does not desire anyone to serve God and, in order, to perpetuate such wicked scheme, he specifically targets pastors and is determined to do whatever it takes to shipwreck their testimonies and callings.

Just what is a Red Light District, someone may ask. The author defines Red Light District in two folds: first, those areas of high concentration of prostitution centers, strip clubs, adult theatres, sex shops, etc. found in mostly large cities of developed countries. And second, actual traffic signals that serve as guides for drivers and pedestrians with the red light meaning stop, the yellow light meaning caution and the green light meaning go. God’s Word, the Bible has its own specific traffic signals for God’s children.

The book is written primarily to help pastors recognize and deal with those Red Light Districts which are potential pitfalls that threaten to shipwreck the moral compass, confidence and faith that validate the servants of the Most High God.

To emphasize the importance and timeliness of this book devoted primarily to alerting pastors about some red light districts, the author begins with some headlines such as “Pastors caught in drug bust, Pastors murders wife for girlfriend, pastor arrested in prostitution sting, Pastor confesses using witchcraft for church growth...”  which were taken from local and national news.

As anyone can imagine, those headlines are not characteristic of the definition and responsibilities of the pastor as the Bible describes. A pastor is an ordained leader of a Christian congregation with the responsibilities to shepherd, lead, supervise and feed the flock and to love the lord of the flock.  Thus the pastor is not a wolf that eats the sheep but a shepherd ready to lay down his life for them.

With real life examples layered with parables, proverbs and jokes, the book highlights some of the red light districts that pastors are warned to stay clear of including the lust for money, sexual misconduct, witchcraft, psychic readings, getting into fist fights, desiring to be worshiped, profanity, neglecting prayers, etc. These snares are detrimental to the pastor and may result into church splits, church disintegration, a spiritually powerless fellowship, loss of confidence and respect for the pastor, long drawn court battles, a slandered church and a loss of biblical focus among others. As can be seen, the success of the pastor or the child of God in the Christian life depends on the power of the Holy Spirit and not in his own strength.

Realizing the urgency of the detriments of these Red Light Districts, the book outlines some practical ways in overcoming them. It advises pastors to reject the false promises of the red light district, occupy their time well by involvements in godly pursuits, put their emotions and desires into biblical perspective and submit to a spiritually experienced man or woman of God.

To conclude, the book reminds pastors that the work of a pastor is neither a monkey-works-baboon-draws nor a work-with-no-pay volition. It rejoices in the biblical facts that there are crowns awaiting pastors who endure to the end. Those crowns include but are not limited to the crown of soul winning, crown of self-denial, crown of righteousness, crown of life, crown of glory, and the Imperishable crown.

 The biggest strength of Pastors and the Red Light Districts is that it is not written from the standpoint of a theologian, an accomplished church czar or someone who has already attained righteousness and is passing judgment on others. Rather, it is an advice based on real life experiences from a pastor who like other pastors is also faced with the challenges of the red light districts. Don’t forget to pray before you read the book so that the Holy Spirit can minister to you it’s true value and the power of the written word in those pages.

Dennis Jah
Co-editor and member of the author's congregation 

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