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Obama Destroys Bush’s Brain

Karl Rove

Do you notice how Karl Rove’s wings were clipped during the Obama first term?  Karl Rove, Senior Adviser to GW Bush was the man during the Bush presidency. He was regarded as the master strategist and political guru. President Bush will not move a step without his counsel and so some called him George Bush’s brain. Oh how Democrats feared him and no doubt how the GOP adored and worshipped him! With his boss driving the country into a dish and succeeded by Obama, the man of change, Karl went completely quiet during the first several months of the first year of the Obama term. Ultimately, Karl was no longer enjoying the enormous fame he once bathed in during the eight years of President Bush.

All of a sudden, Karl Rove arose with some nasty words for President Obama. In those days, it became a sure path to stardom in the Republican Party that the more disrespectful one became towards President Obama, the more that person became a darling of the far right wing of the GOP. In the midst of the  stampede to throw mud at the President by calling him all kinds of names, the Obama campaign machinery kept making Karl almost irrelevant. Even Sarah, Rush Limbaugh and Michele Bachman took their terms in leading the Republican Party while the once celebrated Karl was contained and confined to Fox News and some Right Wing ideological corners. There he had the opportunity to whine and scream just like the lone one-eyed man in the land of the blind as he worked his way back to fame. Nothing he said will really make a strong impression nationally. He huffed and puffed but could not even blow down a house made of feathers.

Not accustomed to where he was being relegated by the “Chicago boys,” Karl established a Super Pac called American Crossroad to unseat Obama and get Mitt Romney or whoever the GOP presidential nominated to face President Obama. Millionaires and billionaires helped Karl and his super pac. Lots and lots of money were thrown in to the point that the Republican nominee had so much money to spend on his campaign and employ other Karl-like strategies to suppress votes. Although flawed, Mitt Romney, helped by Karl Rove had so much money to spend and even buy the elections that at some point, even CNN was leaning Republican. More billionaires backing the GOP candidate took oaths to use their money to make Barack Obama a one termed president. This was to be achieved not by doing what the country needs but but by pulling every available trick and gimmick to turn black to white and white to black.

The economy was improving but the GOP and its billionaire donors vowed to paint a bleak picture so as to look the Obama presidency a failure. Karl Rove and his American Crossroads tried their hardest but even the swing states where Obama maintained a small but steady lead could not swing the Rove’s way. They were failing at their resolve.

So on Election night, Karl gave it his final push. He still wanted to project himself as that guru who made magic President Bush and many Congressional Republicans.  When the votes started coming in,, it did not look promising for Karl Rove and the Republican Party. When it was announced that President Obama has won Ohio,the swingest of all swing states and therefore re-elected to a second term, Karl Rove became enraged. He bounced on the scene still wanting to justify the billions of dollars he was given to defeat President Obama. He has been so unsatisfied being in the little corner where the Democratic campaign machinery has confined him. Karl wanted to wield some influence again by disputing the projected results for Ohio. When his cries became louder, Mitt Romney caved in and decided not to concede, at least not yet because Karl Rove said so. Mitt might have thought that Karl still had the power to influence election results and make things go the GOP way. He did not realize that Karl's outbursts were just the kicks of a dying bull.

As the night progressed and more results came in, President Obama won other swing states including Ohio and therefore cut all other legs under his opponent. Mitt Romney, who earlier admitted only preparing a victory speech, was forced to craft an impromptu concession speech. And that was the final shot that completed the destruction of Karl Rove, the so-called Bush’s brain.

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