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Pres. Sirleaf Needs a Team of Rivals not Buddies...

For a second, I have not thought that Mrs. Sirleaf does not mean well for the country or that she will purposefully lead the country in the wrong direction. Even Taylor meant well except that he got restrained by his evil deeds especially after killing so many people to get to power. I have always believed that certain things will prevent the president (Sirleaf) from protecting and defending the constitution in the discharge of her duties or just to do the right thing in the interest of the country. One of such constraints is the buddy-buddy praise singers’ assembly that she calls government. For the remaining years of her presidency, I suggest that President Sirleaf should build a team of rivals and quit directly or indirectly pressuring those form other parties and persuasions or who disagree with her  to become part of the ruling party or simply conform to her liking. Allow them to think and operate independently with a clear understanding that they will have to bear full consequences of their own actions. This is crucial to creating an environment where each employee is accountable and not the president covering up their backside.

With a team of rivals or people who don’t necessarily agree can work together for the common good of the whole. I suspect that the buddy-buddy attitude does not necessarily provide the atmosphere for check and balance where people working together can check on one another – not in the form of competition but to discourage having partners in crime. This is one of the reason why many companies discourage blood relatives working on the same team at work. When I worked as a care giver in a residential facility in Langhorne, PA, the management did not allow blood relatives or spouses to work in the same building as there is potential for one covering up for the other in case of an issue.

So far, those who demonstrate their undying support and agreement with Mrs. Sirleaf in sickness or health or how wonderful she is and can prove that to everyone else are often tapped to work in the Sirleaf administration. Another group often recruited are those who openly criticize Mrs. Sirleaf but can also demonstrate in deeds or words that they can be fashioned into anything that Mrs. Sirleaf (or any president for that matter) wants are also asked to join. We have all been drunk with this “will and pleasure of the president” What ends up happening because of this is that even a hardened criminal can or someone who does not know from A to bullfrog can sing praises to Mrs. Sirleaf just to pave their way to where the gravy is. As soon as they are called in and get their hand on the oil pot, their true self comes out and then they can take all that can possibly be stolen. It becomes difficult for Mrs. Sirleaf to really chastise a loyalist, team member, partisan or someone she turned her backs on all others to bring in.

Pres. Sirleaf Chastising Education Minister Korto
I believe it wouldn't difficult for Mrs. Sirleaf to dismiss and persecute a rival team member who is caught stealing. Anyone who she showed no special interest to in bringing on board will NOT create an embarrassment for her to let go or use as an example for anyone who will live in such ungodly manner. I thought the photo above is a testament. I believe she has the guts to show her Iron Lady mojo but is often constrained because she is presiding over those who see her as "Mama Sirleaf, the Oldma" and loyalists who are able to offer their bodies to be burned to please her.

I have more to say and can expound on my hypothesis a little more if necessary. I am not sure if Mrs. will listen to an advice from me since I have been on her case for some time now, but for the sake of what connects us both (Liberia), she has to bend over backwards and listen to even her critics. Nothing personal Madam President, it is all for the right reasons of moving our country forward. You are trying but your best is not good enough and the evidence is all over the place.

If these things are not set right to put the country on a path to recovery, the post Sirleaf administration will be a disaster no matter who takes over. I pray that I am wrong on this one!

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