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Fighting the Age Clock

 Age Clock - Psalm 90:10 
Age or old age used to be something coated with P and D
The grey that came with it was something to be desired
Looking forward to the next life as a result of age was honorable
With age came experience, wisdom and knowledge
And so no one shied away in rubbing age in the faces of others
“You small boy,” with bragging rights, they would chide the young

Then it all changed when people long to live forever
They lie about their ages to remain young adults as long as possible
They dye their hairs charcoal black or razor any grey follicle off the skin
Big brother, Uncle, Old ma…they call others to feign youthfulness
With push-up bra or man power for extra push they fight against the tides
“You don’t look your age” is the compliment so desired, as if it matters

Young or old really does not affect where we will all end up and when
We’re all on God’s holy time clock and only He Nyeswah knows when
Neither age nor hair color; iron or flat tire gives extra time or delays the ETA
Always ascending and never going down no matter how we feel
No need to struggle and pretend to fiddle with time you don’t keep
Not to encourage indolence, sluggishness, carelessness, and nonconformity
But some things like the ticking of the age clock are not worth fighting against

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