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November 12, 1985 Invasion

November 12, 1985 was meaningless and ill-advised
It shouldn’t be celebrated or remembered as it made Liberia worse
It set the stage for the 13 year blood bath that would sink the country
It made President Doe angrier, vindictive and suspicious of many
It really didn’t change anything but damaged our chances for a vibrant democracy
The planners went to work not even waiting for the 1985 elections results
They have resolved beforehand that they would not accept the outcome no matter what
So when members of the would-be war gang won seats, they refused to serve
Instead, they assembled weapons of mass devastation to push their agenda
The result was deaths and a wounded President on the lookout for subsequent attacks
He would run even if no one pursues and strike even if a lizard shakes or dog barks
He would cook things up and fire blindly to deter would be invaders and coup plotters
“No more coup” they announced and laughed with high shoulders feeling almighty
It worked for a while, painstakingly cracking down on anything real or perceived
But when you bend to look in some one’s boonka, someone is also taking a peek into yours
A jail breaker and others who fled or were chased out before, stepped up their game
Kill or be killed they agreed and resolved not to leave a stone unturned
They executed their plans and there lies Liberia at the bottom of a deep hole

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