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Speaking About the Liberian Legislators

I am not a proponent of “one rotten apple spoils the whole bunch” and as a result, I will not fault every member of the Legislative Branch of the Liberian government for every bad news that comes out of that branch of government. Criticisms and condemnations of the Liberian law makers have been consistent especially the ones coming from the mouths, pens and keyboards of Diaspora Liberians. Some use all the choice words, without fearing any contempt charges, against the honorable men and women of the Lower and Upper houses. If one conducted a survey of the Legislators among Diaspora Liberians, the approval ratings of the law makers may be in single digits. They have been criticized for various forms of corruption and their failure to serve as a check on the Executive Branch which has historically usurp too much powers to the level of being referred to as imperial presidency.

That is why it is ironic to me that many of our Liberian organizations will invite the same law makers whom many of us think so poorly about to be our guest speakers at almost all their functions. If we. Individually and as a group, most of us are very vocal in charging these law makers for seeking only their selfish interests, how then do we ask them for advice in managing our organizations, our money and our individual lives? I don’t get it and I am sure find that this contradictory as well! Where do we expect them to get money from to pay for these overseas travels to serve as guest speakers and installation officers and sometimes generously donate to our organizations? We can’t be crying against corruption but at the same time putting these law makers in the position of taking what belongs to others. If we must take them away from their constituents to fly to the USA and advise us on good governance, we must be prepared to give them the leverage to arbitrarily up their own salaries plus bonuses and take agriculture breaks (which actually become mall breaks) every now and then so as to accommodate the burdens we help place on their shoulders. Anything short of this is talking from both sides of our “Chinese-buffets” mouths.

How do we call them a do-nothing, self-serving bunch but at the same time hold individual legislators in so much high esteem to bow to them for advice and money? Are we not part of the problem? Give me a break and stop dancing to the beats of the Kru drum “wluduh, nuduh” or talking one thing and doing the other.  Frankly, it is hypocritical to curse law makers behind their backs castigate them in newspapers but when given the opportunity to pick an adviser, we prostrate before them and call them HONORABLE to "grace" our occasions. We can't have it both ways! And don't tell me that you are calling them so they can answer the hard questions. That is not what guest speakers do. If they must be our lords at these programs, let shut our mouths and pretend not to care about the things we often condemn them for. 

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