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The Sense of Community Better in the Villages

The sense of a community that is so prevalent in the villages is lost in the cities.
Villagers gather to welcome their guest
Maybe that is not the case in the villages now but this much I know:
In the villages, the town crier delivers a message and everyone is intoned.

Whether good news or bad, the old, young and not so young meet together with haste.
 Everyone knows like their ABC that what affects one, affects all.

When there is a death, they all stay home and mourn the departed.
When there is time for celebration, they all dance till the sweats wash out their decorated bodies
 When there is a big kill like an elephant or hippo, the whole village shares no matter who’s the hunter.

In the cities, it is all different: every man for himself and god for us.
All detached from one another, there are no more community meetings or causes.
Friends, co-workers, school and church mates are in distant places where only cars can reach
There is pride in not being locally connected and so the urge to shrug off community members abides
With no sense of community, the urge to cooperate and improve our individual urban localities dies.
We need to go back to basics and borrow from our village settings, their culture and practices.
With the blend of the two-city and village, we can forge ahead; way, way ahead!
For our societies of old that lived by those tenets did not just survive, they flourished.
And with such leverage of the best of both worlds, the skies our limit!
Perhaps this should be one focal area of the Minister of Internal Affairs –
To see what works in the villages and marry that to our so-called modern way of life

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