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7 Mandela Life Lessons for Pres. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

  1. Forgive those who mistreated you during your days of political activism and stop rewarding only relatives, cronies and supporters
  2. Work on reconciling Liberians and ethnic groups that were at each other’s throat including bridging the country-Congo divide that some are either defensive or dismissive about.
  3. Target developing and extending opportunities to all parts of the country and not based on where your support comes from.
  4. Lead by examples in the fight against corruption and laissez-faire and hold people accountable regardless of their connection with you.
  5. Work on changing things in the constitution such as citizenship and presidential term of office that were included for the selfish interest of greedy and short-sighted leaders.
  6. Although you reneged on your promise  to serve for only one term as promised, take your hands off the next election and ensure that it is free, fair and transparent.
  7. Fight your hardest not to forget those years of bloodshed, lawlessness, oppression, repression cannibalism, atrocities, etc. so that you put things into place to avoid a repeat or the wounds lasting forever.
    Pres. Sirleaf and Mandela
    Is President Sirleaf who took over Liberia after 14 years of uncivil war and now in her second term as the first female elected president of Africa listening or is it too late?


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