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I am angry with the GOL for EBOLA

Few Weeks ago, I spoke of the whole body being wet when the head is wet. The point I made was that when God looks at a country, He looks at it from the head. So it is a terrible thing to be governed by wicked and corrupt leaders. All along, I thought it was due to sexual sins that God destroyed Sodom. But read what he said in Ezekiel 16:49 and compare that with the activities of our 3 branches of government: “Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.”  I am not suggesting that Liberia is now being punished because of her wicked and corrupt leaders although the parallels are clear. But when leaders think only of themselves and their relatives, they leave the rest of the population vulnerable to poverty, diseases, and all kinds of dangers. It really makes no sense why a group of people will govern a post war country the way the Sirleaf led government is behaving. How can a country’s leaders think only of themselves as if there is no tomorrow? All are busy enriching themselves, passing and signing bills that will benefit only them! From the start of her presidency, it has been all corruption, broad day stealing, wickedness, nepotism all the way. Why? Roads are so bad, education is zero, the health sector is in the hole and now it’s complicated by this EBOLA virus that has the potential of wiping out the entire region (God forbids!). Mrs. Sirleaf has failed us as a people and now this Ebola has put an exclamation point on the recklessness and entrenched evil of a greedy bunch calling itself the GOL. She puts people in position in as a backdoor opportunity for herself to go in and out with cash. I don’t intend to politicize this tragedy but I am angry, totally enraged at how this government led by Mrs. Sirleaf has endangered the lives of my people though her actions and inaction. Ellen Blundered Obviously Liberia’s Agonized is the actual EBOLA even before the deadly virus hit. This is painfully so because "when the head is wet, the whole body is wet."

That was my human side, I need to calm down and pray God that this virus will pass over as enough damage has been done already. Lord help us and forgive me for throwing tantrum at my government instead of looking up to you. Protect the rest of the population and our neighbors from the disease. May Liberia export technology, raw materials, and not diseases. Even if there is no cure, I know for a fact that you still heals and that there is definitely a balm in Gilead. I heard some are eating bitter kola as a cure. I decree your healing power in bitter kola and what ever our helpless population will take in for prevention or healing. Amen.

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