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EBOLA the Murderer Must Die

Ebola, you're a murderer and a savage
I am immobilized from afar just hearing your horror stories
Watching the videos and reading about your havoc
I groaned in pain for a people you have come to destroy:
My friends and foes alike, families and loved ones, including the well to do…
You showed no mercy and have no remorse for your treacheries
EEE-BOLA, my people are in agony because of you
America can't give us the experimental drugs; no, not just yet
President Obama says there's no sufficient data to prove its efficacy
And so you go on killing indiscriminately until God knows when
The country is locked down and all hopes are about gone
The Liberian way of care and fellowship is under your vicious attack
You are worse than war and AIDS and cancer combined
Hope you die a painful death for your sins are way past Lucifer’s

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