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Who Was Samson Sneh Wea

By Shanon Slough Wea

Sunrise July 25 1932; Sunset October 15, 2014
 Samson Sneh Wea was born July 25, 1932 unto the union of Gmaneh Wea and Doris Wlehyonoh Wea in Nyenawlicken, Sinoe County located in the south eastern region of Liberia West Africa. He was one of several children of the couple; and one of several children of his father, Gmaneh Wea.

Samson Wea began his primary education in Lower  Jedepo Public School located in Doodwicken, Sinoe County and later continued at the Doodwicken Orphanage Mission School where he completed his junior high in 1955. He relocated to Greenville, the capital of Sinoe County, where he completed his high school education at Sinoe High School in 1959. He moved to Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, in search for a better lifestyle and educational opportunities. By 1961, Wea had obtained his Associate Degree (AS) in Liberal Arts. By the end of 1963 he enrolled at the University of Liberia (UL). He graduated with honors in 1965 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Language Arts major & Social Studies minor. By 1967 Samson made the rank of Captain in the Armed Forces of Liberia. He enrolled at the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law at the University of Liberia. After a year, Wea withdrew from the school without completing for personal reasons. In 1979 he took advantage of a World Bank Scholarship which sponsored him to Lagon University in Ghana where he obtained a Graduate Level Certificate in Adult Education. To help post-war Liberia, in the early 2000s, Samson Wea enrolled in a post war traumatic study at (ISTSS) International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies located in Florida, United States of America. There he underwent training to deal with folks who survived war and live in post war areas. Several awards, certificates, and honors were also conferred upon him during the course of his life.

Samson Wea entered the workforce after moving to Monrovia when he graduated high school. He worked as a conductor on the Fullinger Bus Company for a short period before pursuing his associate degree. After obtaining his (AA) Associate Degree in Liberal Arts, Wea joined William Saytarkon Campbell in March 1962- the two young scholars moved back to Jedepo to open the first public Junior High School on the land of Jedepo in Ducorfree, Central Jedepo. Saytarkon served as Principal while Wea served as Vice Principal. The school was granted junior high status by the Ministry of Education based on the academic standards of Saytarkon and Wea. Wea left after a while to complete his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Liberia (UL). Wea also served in the Armed Forces of Liberia where he accelerated to the rank of Captain in 1967. In 1970, he worked with the Liberian American Mining Company (LAMCO), located in Nimba County Liberia, as a staff member.  By 1972 Wea relocated to Monrovia where he concurrently served as Vice Principal of Charlotte Tolbert High School (now Central High) located in Monrovia; and worked at the continuing education program at the University of Liberia. Shortly thereafter, in 1974, Wea was approached by the then Vice President of Liberia, Greene, who appealed to Wea to return to Jedepo. Greene appeal was prompted by an appeal from the citizens of Jedepo pleading to the government of Liberia to send qualified educators to revive Jedepo Junior High after Principal Saytarkon left the school. Young educated and ambitious Wea forsook pleasure and urban lifestyle and headed back to the hinterland of Jedepo to accommodate his people. He served as Vice Principal of Jedepo Junior High beginning 1975. Wea also served as Principal of Jedepo Jarpuken Mission School located on Jarpuken Mission, Sinoe County. Samson Wea relocated his family to Monrovia by 1981-1982 after returning from Ghana. From 1981 he served the Liberian education system in three capacities simultaneously: he served as Executive Secretary for the Adult Education Department at the University of Liberia and Principal of James E. Green Elementary School located in Monrovia. He was also working at the Ministry of Education.

 Samson Wea decided to expand his ambition. In 1985, he contested a representative seat for Sinoe County in the Liberian Legislature. He was announced as the winner on public media by the election commissioner. However, overnight, Samuel Doe, the then tyrannical president of Liberia ordered that Samson elected position be given to Swen Dickson- one of Samuel Doe’s colleagues.  To save his own life, Wea never pursued any legal action. Instead, he surrendered his rights to Swen Dickson-who was incompetent after all to serve in that capacity. Samson continued his course as educator. He served as Language Arts instructor at D. Tweh High School in New Kru Town, Monrovia.  Wea soon find himself slowly reverting to Sinoe County once again. He accepted an assignment as district education officer for Kpayan District in Sinoe County. He was promoted to district education supervisor. In the early 2000s, Wea resettled with his family in New Jersey, United States of America where he taught as a substitute teacher for many years before retiring.

Samson Sneh Wea leaves to mourn his Widow Linda Wea and 13 living children namely: Oliver Wea, Tetee Wea-Kerkula, Victoria Wea, Margaret Wea, Bartee Wea, Comfort Wea-Murray, Shannon Slough Wea, Lasting G. Wea, Prince Wea, Gmah Monroe Wea, Augusta Wea, Emma Wea-Dansoman, Gifty Wea.  49 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren, family, friends and several love ones.

Samson Sneh Wea Philosophy: God shall judge you for what you did, not what people said you did.

May his soul rest in peace

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