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So you want to separate from Sinoe: A Song to Sinoe Separatists

So you want to separate from Sinoe, huh?
Sinoe Separatists or just few letting out an ethnic driven euphoria:
Have you thought about this in details and analyze the pros and cons?
Where are the results of your findings and have the good outweigh the bad?
So now you think Sinoe is in such bad state because Sarpos are not on their own?
Oh, you’re thinking about Putu Mountain so you can have it all to yourselves, huh?
Believe in your guts that 3-5 government jobs as increasing employment opportunities?
False. Rehabilitating the Greenville Port alone gives jobs to about 100 times that number.
You are mistaken fellas. You did a very lousy/poor job at your rationale and raison d’etre.

Have you thought about becoming less relevant on the national scene?
Who will care to  court you if your vote can’t fit into the cup of my hand?
Just others did it so you should do it too does not demonstrate a solid analysis.
Grand Kru county, Rivercess County… do not make good role models, so why copy?
Why not copy Nimba that is attracting the national spotlight in spite of its own challenges?
Forming counties based on ethnic groups stinks badly and further divides us on ethnic lines.
It alienates other tribes even those born in the counties or lived and invested there for decades.
And gives a sense of entitlement to members of one tribe even in different parts of the World....

Worse of all, your members have been in charge of Sinoe county all along.
You were the Queen next to the King in decades past that we all remember so well.
Greenville was to be changed to another Ville to reflect the ethnicity of the new leaders.
What you didn’t do for Sinoe that you will do for Sarpo must be part of your explaining-
And the timing is worse; your man just lost the fight, could be why you are running away?
Is that why you kept quiet for 9 years? Yes, you kept a lid on it until now. That's a shame!!!

The challenges Sinoe faces are real but they can be tackled and overcome.
We did this before during the Kru wars and others telling them not to mess with us.
To “county” our way out of these current ones is just a sleazy, lazy and fuzzy way to go.
I wish you quit this bridge to nowhere and join all on both sides of Sinon to rebuild quickly.
You Separatists, don’t you dare take Phil, Alex, Peasley, Ocampo, Kai, Jerry… out of Sinoe!!!

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