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About Traditions

The thing about tradition is that there can be bad traditions even as there can be good ones. Sometimes we make the mistake by not asking questions to find out why certain traditions have been passed down to us or why certain things are done the way they are.

 The story is told of a certain young couple that just got married. They have gone through all the forms of counseling both in the church and with their elders in the community in which they lived. Few months into their marriage, the husband observed that anytime his new wife was cooking a fish, she would cut it in two. This continued for several months that he could no longer hold his peace but to ask his darling wife shy she always cut the fish in half. When the wife was asked, she replied that she was cutting the fish in two because that is how her mother did it.

“I really don’t know why but that is how I saw my mom doing it whenever she was cooking a fish.” She replied. Both the wife and her husband became equally confused. Wanting an answer right away, they decided to pay a visit on her mother the following day to find out why she did cut her fish in halves before cooking.

 Early the next day, the man and his wife arrive at his mother-in-law’s house. Without beating about the bush, they went straight to the point asking why she cut her fish into two before cooking. To their utmost surprise, mother-in-law also had no clue. She responded that that was the way she watched her mother doing it.

Now, Grandmother was all the way in the village. It would take 3 day’s journey on foot or few hours in the car to reach the village. A week barely ended when all three of them headed for the village to ask grand ma why she cut her fish into two. Upon reaching the village, they inquired of the old lady who by now was in her late nineties, why she cut her fish into two before cooking. Without thinking it through, grandmother responded “I cut my fish in half because my pot was small.”

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