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Medina Life, November and December 2016

Pamoja Week at HOPAC (like Spirit Week).  The Tanners were staying with us this week, so that Caleb and Imani could join in the fun as well.  This was Superhero day.  We've got Superman (Johnny), Usain Bolt (Caleb), Batman (Josiah), Spiderman (Lily), Go Go Tomago (Grace), and  Honey Lemon (Imani). All costumes courtesy of Gil Medina!

Grace, Josiah, Imani, and Lily on Nerd Day.  We had to show them an episode of "Family Matters" so they would know what a nerd is.   

Pamoja Week House Soccer Competitions.  Josiah scored and won it for Green House!

International Day--Our little confused psuedo-American/Tanzanian kids.  

Lily and Imani

Josiah and his buddy Tim...who is a confused Zimbabwean/Tanzanian/South African.

Gil agreed to coach the HOPAC varsity girls' soccer team temporarily....which turned into the whole season.  But of course, he loved it, and took his girls to an almost flawless season.  They won two out of three tournaments, and the last tournament they lost only in penalties.  

Josiah took one term of after-school Tae Kwon Do. He decided that was enough; he'll stick with soccer.  

Our Egyptian Princess on second grade Egyptian Day.  Costume (again) courtesy of Gil Medina.

I taught an after-school baking class for fifth grade girls.  Crazy, crazy fun.  

HOPAC's Annual Christmas production

...and Grace had her first solo!

Bibi and Babu came to visit for two weeks!

We spent a couple of days in Bagamoyo with Bibi and Babu.  

Our Annual Christmas party with our Reach Global team.

Gingerbread house decorating

Christmas morning

In his retirement, my dad learned how to make stained glass windows.  Oh my gosh.

Meet Melody, the newest member of our family.

As per tradition, we spent the week after Christmas at a lodge in the mountains with mission friends, where the temperature went down into the 60's.  It was glorious.  

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