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Grace Went to Amani and Lily Turned Eight

Last week was pretty exciting around here.

First, our wonderful, long-time friends drove in for the week.  Imani and her mom stayed with us, and Caleb joined Grace's fifth grade class on their epic 4-day trip to the Amani Rainforest.  This trip is highly anticipated by every HOPAC student, and is often mentioned by seniors as their favorite HOPAC memory.  

I had the privilege of taking the first HOPAC elementary class to Amani way back in 2003.  Gil and I later chaperoned a few other times.  In fact, one year baby Grace went along!  

Gil got to chaperone this year, while I held down the fort at home.  But it was so special to hear Grace's stories and see the pictures of places I had been with my class so many years before.  

Chameleon hunting at night

Tea plantation

Tea factory

Gil and Grace came home just in time for Lily's eighth birthday.  My little introvert does better in small groups, so she had just a few friends over.  They made Valentines, played Twister, and had ice cream sundaes.  

I keep telling my children to stop growing, but they just doesn't listen.  I guess we better work harder on obedience.

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