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Medina Life, April 2017

Easter Sunday
Believe it or not, there are four generations in this picture:  Babies, Mom, Grandfather, and Great-Grandmother.  

Three-legged cousins

Brotherly love part 1

A Medina tradition:  Street Wiffle Ball

Brotherly love part 2 (tagging him out)

All dressed up and freezing in our pretty Easter clothes

Auntie and nephew

winning the balloon toss

Brotherly love part 3

Cousin bonding

The whole gang....four generations.

Lots o' cousins


Driving this car may have been the pinnacle of his entire life thus far.

Dodger Stadium

In the Dodger dugout during a pre-game tour

with Grandpa at the new Jackie Robinson memorial

His first MLB game

California Poppy Fields 

Then up to my hometown of San Jose...

Children's Discovery Museum

That right there is my very own niece.

And this amazingness is my nephew.

And just for fun, this was my own little guy 7 years ago, at the same location and the same age then as his cousin is now.  Apparently two-year-old boys are all pretty excited by this exhibit.

And this is my favorite little brother.
Who also happens to be a pretty incredible Dad.

Girls' Day 

My aunt spoiled all us girls with lunch and pedicures and ice cream!

Giants' Game

My Dad took Gil and the boys to a Giants' Game.  I think my boys' grandfathers are doing their best to confuse their poor grandsons by each supporting one of the two greatest rival teams in California.

And in between all this, we are doing things like homeschooling and preaching and making presentations and driving a lot and hugging a lot of people.  It's overwhelming and wonderful and we are all enjoying ourselves immensely.

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