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Count Your Sorrows

When a war for power and wealth hits your town
And you fall in any one of those categories:
A boy ripe to be recruited and programmed to kill
A girl full of beauty and life, even a virgin or a baby mother
A member of one of those ethnic groups marked for extinction
You live in a nice house, look intelligent, good or rich

Count your sorrows, name them one by one
Count your sorrows see what wickedness can do
Count your sorrows, name them one by one
And it will confound you what evil really is

When you look at a rebel either young or old
Stinking everywhere with their loots and kills
Think not your life is safe because of your innocence
Count your many sorrows; US will condemn and UN embargo
Leave your own with God, rebels are wicked past demons
Count your sorrows no tear can erase or mourning satisfy

So when peace comes; do our best to shun war and warlords
War is not good and the perpetrators are heartless crooks
Don’t believe their lies or telegraph their empty talks
Stand for what is right; pursue peace and love
Then you will be singing and thriving as the days go by.

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