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Medina Life, July 2017

We are all back in Tanzania and new things are happening (more about that later), but first I need to get caught up on July's pictures.  

Appropriately for America, Wiffle ball replaced soccer as my boys' game of choice.  They played almost every single day.

Dodger fever, with their cousin

Celebrating the Fourth with family

My littlest boy's first time watching fireworks

On vacation in San Diego with Gil's family, playing Wiffle ball (of course)

and there's the whole Medina gang

still on vacation


keepin' it real....my kids are modern American kids too

Enjoying friends at Faith Community Church

So the soccer love still came out when Dad and Josiah had a dream fulfilled....watching Manchester United and Real Madrid play live in Santa Clara

San Jose's classic:  Happy Hollow


cousins and Babu (grandpa)

Me and my bro

cousins again

This time at a San Jose Giants game (Triple A), and Grace got to be a junior commentator. My little ham rocked it.

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