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Which way in Runoff 2017

Wat ting we go do now?
You go for Oppong, you get Tyler and Taylor plus Robert Sirleaf as the dash
And all the other hungry lions saying “dah our time to eat too.”
You go for papay Boakay, you get Nuquay and all the gobachop them
You know what will happen when Joe goes to sleep in the parked car

You go so, you get burnt, you go so, you get drowned
Dah Wat ting we go do now? Where place we go turn?
We got to vote anyhow whether we like it or not
The papay or the footballer? You decide
One man, one vote; your choice 2017

Cummings’ coca cola morale gone
Brumskine and all his prophets, done
PYJ holding Nimba for a trade deal
Big mouth Fahnbulleh didn’t even spark
MacDella, the young lady will be just fine

So dah wat ting we go do now?
Oppong or Boakai – you got to pick one
Only one, no more plenty invalid votes
Korkoya ain’t want know; Flomoyan no more
When in doubt, Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…

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