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Medina Life, August through November

Grace got to play on a Jr. NBA basketball team.  

My girl sets a mean pick.  She may be sweet and friendly in real life, but her basketball nickname was "Mini Beast."

Life at Reach Tanzania Bible School.

Some of our favorite students with our favorite partners.  

During the October school break, we went away with a bunch of friends for a few days to a conference center at the base of the Morogoro Mountains.  The kids enjoyed the wide open spaces that we don't see in the city.

But the best part about that vacation?  The one-year-old quadruplets.  Their mom has been my friend for 12 years now, and she's in the office next to mine at HOPAC.  Her quads pretty much steal the show wherever they go.

Enough babies to go around for everyone!

Lily dancing at her third grade assembly.

My football-obsessed boy.  He FINALLY is old enough to play on a real HOPAC team--a dream come true for him.

Pamoja Week at HOPAC (like Spirit Week).  FIVE people in our house needed costumes this year!  Thankfully I'm married to a very creative man who is not intimidated by this challenge. 
This was Career Day.

Sports Day.  The only time in my life I've worn shin guards.

Ancient Day.  Yes, I am Moses.

A different kind of dressing up:  Daddy was putting on a tie for preaching, and Johnny wanted one too.

And when he's not creating costumes or preaching, he was coaching Grace's soccer team.  Which came out in first place for their season!

Greek Day in Josiah's fourth grade class:  Acting in their tragedy play.

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