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Medina Life, January through March, 2018

She turned 12 and got braces. My beautiful girl.

The Medina Four with the Quad Squad: Everyone's favorite quadruplets.

In January, Gil was invited to be the speaker at a Young Life retreat for HOPAC students, and he rocked it. (Of course, God had a little something to do with that.)

Basketball season! Josiah played his heart out.....

But it was Grace's team that took the championship! (Gil was their fantastic coach!)

Reach Tanzania Bible School 2018 cohort of students!

We hosted our church district fellowship group in March.

Book Week! Here we have Papa Bear...

And Ralph S. Mouse

Service Emphasis Week sent all our kids on service trips to other schools.

And this picture was taken for future bribery purposes: Josiah with his (very mini) man-bun and pink headband, which, apparently, is very cool in the soccer world. 

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