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A Whole Lot of Wonderful

Reach Tanzania Bible School Graduation, June 2018
22 students finished the first year program
7 students finished the second year program

I will make the Word of God the be the standard of my life/ministry. Meaning I will always use the Biblical worldview wisely. I will also focus on discipling the nation instead of just converting people to Christianity.

I can use my testimony to reach out to many youth in Tanzania.

The class that touched me the most was Marriage and Family. I had just got married. I learned many things like how to value your wife, how to spend time with her. I got lots of insight that changed the way I view my wife. I wanted it to be about it me, but I changed.

I have always wanted to pastor a church, but I didn't know how to start. But coming here has helped me identify what I can really do with my calling.

Leadership starts with me. I must work on my relationship with God and keep myself humble…I am asking myself, “Am I worthy to be imitated?”

Thank you for changing my life and the way I can preach!

I learned about stewardship. Basically I learned that nothing that I have is mine, it’s just been given to me by God and he can take it away any time he pleases.

I want to start looking at every aspect of my life with Biblical lenses. Before I start to do/say anything, I want to ask whether it is biblical or cultural? And then only do what is biblical.

I have learned that I should not just preach for the sake of preaching. I should know that people are learning for the sake of life change. Also I have learned about "one-point preaching." Many times I have preached long sermons with no meaning or impact, but from now on I will put this into practice. It has really touched my heart.

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